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Waiting for a bus at Plitvice

Strossmayer Square (really a park) in Zagreb

Ivan Kukulević Sakcinski, a 19th-century nationalist politician

More Croatian notables in Strossmayer park

Along the side of Strossmayer Park

A little farther along, beside Zrinjevac park

Hapsburg neoclassical architecture

This building obviously houses the Japanese embassy

Brazilian, Danish, and Portuguese flags, among others

Zagreb probably has other Secessionist (Art Nouveau) buildings, but this is the only one we saw

Stucco greenery

Zrinjevac park (1)

Zrinjevac park (2)

Zrinjevac park (3)

Zrinjevac park (4)

An old woman begs by offering vegetables for sale outside the market, supervised by a sturdy professional idealized in bronze

St. Stephen's Cathedral, undergoing repairs

St. Mary's Church, which overlooks the market

St. Mary's bell tower from another side

St. Mary's Church door

Tkalčićeva Street (1)

Tkalčićeva Street (2)

Tkalčićeva Street (3) — Our Lady's Pub

Tkalčićeva Street (4) — detail

Tkalčićeva Street (5)

Tkalčićeva Street (6)

Tkalčićeva Street (7) — St. Mary's

Radićeva Street, overlooked by the Sabor building on the Gradec heights

Statue of Ban Josip Jelačić in the square named after him

The statue closer up

Tomićeva street, the funicular to Gradec, and (upper right) the Burglars' Tower

The Lower Town, and beyond, from Gradec

Viennese Neoclassical in the Lower Town, generic modern beyond

Another part of the view

Wedding cars and onlooks in front of St. Catherine's Church

Old houses on a Gradec side street

Waiting for the wedding party at the municipal offices

The wedding party arrives

St. Marks Church under wraps

Arms of the Croatian

St. Mark's bell tower

Entrance of the Presidential (formerly the Ban's) Palace on St. Mark's Square

Headquarters of the Sabor, Croatia's historic parliament, on the east side of St. Mark's Square

Dorothea with the old-time postman

Looking back toward St. Mark's Square from Kamenita street

Not certain, but probably a rear entrance to the Sabor building on Kamenica

Roofs, wires, and suspended streetlight

In the courtyard of the Kovićevski Dornji, once a Jesuit residence, now a museum gallery

Dorothea taking it easy in the cool quiet — entrance to the outside world at center left

Cool quiet closer up

Late afternoon shadows at the other end of the courtyard

The only other occupant of the courtyard

Back in the lower town, we came across Zagreb's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Dorothea noticed this lovely doorway on a building that has obviously seen better days