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Here's part of the map we got at the information booth and carried with us — please excuse the folds and creases. I've added bright red or vermilion lines to show the way we went, as nearly as I can reconstruct it. The lines are solid where we got a ride in a boat or shuttle bus and dotted where we walked or swam. (No, just kidding, we didn't swim.) Our morning hike took us from Hotel Plitvice to the information booth (lower right), then down to landing P1, across Lake Kozjak to landing P2, and around Lake Gradinsko in a counterclockwise direction. When we got back to landing P2, we took the ferry back across the lake and returned to the hotel.
In the afternoon, we walked down again to the information booth, which was at shuttle stop ST2, and got on a shuttle going up to the head of the valley (upward and leftward on the map). We got off at ST3 (about halfway, near the center of the map) where we walked down to Lake Galovac, around the lower end and up the far side of that lake and also of little Lake Malo. At that point we crossed between Malo and Veliko to the lower end of lake Batinovac, and followed a path that ran along the side closer to the road until we arrived at ST4, where we caught the last shuttle back to ST2.