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Here's the part of our Official Vistors' Map that shows where we went on our second day in the park. Like the previous map, it shows our route (as well as I can remember it) in bright red, solid where we rode in a shuttle bus or a boat; dotted where we walked.
After walking down to shuttle stop ST2 from the Hotel Plitvice, we got on a shuttle and rode to ST1, the northern end of the line. There we got onto a path that overlooked the lakes from the top of the gorge, and walked along it almost as far as the big parking lot at Entrance 1. At that point, we followed the signs for Veliki Slap, the Big Waterfall, on a path that took us back and down toward the lake, descended the steepest part of the cliff in a series of zigzags, and led us across a shallow waterfall at the foot of Lake Kaluđerovac to the far side.
There we first turned right to visit Veliki Slap, then came back and continued up the same (far) side of Kaluđerovac. At the head of that lake we crossed again to the near side, and walked up that side of Lakes Gavanovac and Milanovac. At the falls that separate Kozjak and Milanovac, we crossed a third time, and walked up through some woods to the clearing at boat landing P3, where we bought and ate our lunch. After that we took the long boat ride back to P2, the short one to P1, and the long hike up the hill to our hotel.