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The Hotel Slon, in the upper left quarter of this map, is marked by the number 6 in a navy blue circle. The list of highlights at the right (which more or less follows the order of the narratives) gives Slovene names first, since that's how they're labeled on the map, followed by English equivalents. The map also assigns numbers (in red circles) to many items; these numbers are listed after the names. Pink diagonal stripes show where only pedestrian traffic is allowed.
Prešernov trg: Prešeren square, #15
Frančiškanska cerckev: Franciscan Church, #16
Tromostovje: Triple Bridge: #17
Sv. Nikolaj (Stolnica): St. Nicholas (Cathedral), #19
Pogačarjev trg and Vodnikov trg (#18) are the market squares; the market also includes Plečnik's colonnade and buildings along the river between Triple and Dragon Bridges.
Zmajski Most: Dragon Bridge, #20
Magistrat: Town Hall, #1
Ciril-Metodov trg: Cyril-Methodius square (running east from Town Hall)
Mestni trg: Town square (running south from Town Hall)
Ljubljanaski Grad: Ljubljana Castle, #21
Stari trg: Old square (continues Mestni trg south)
Gornji trg: Upper square (runs southeast from Stari trg)
Sv. Florian: St. Florian's Church (on Gornji Trg, bottom right on map)
Čevljarski Most: Shoemakers' Bridge, #4
Ribji trg: Fishermen's square, on the river northwest of the Town Hall. Our favorite restaurant, Zlata Ribica is here; the bridge is the "Ugly Duckling"
Miklošičeva cesta ['avenue'], running north from Prešeren Square to Miklošičev park
Park Zvezda, Kongresni trg: Star Park, Congress square, #11
Ursuline Church (label is partly off the left margin), #12
Univerza: University main building, #13
Narodna in univerzitetna knijžnica: National and University Library, #6
Križanke outdoor theater, #7