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Taken from where we began our walk on the lungomare

The little harbor below

Following the shoreline

It looked extremely rocky...

Foreground: Access to a tiny beach. Background: a famous orthopedic clinic, not a hotel

Entrance to some villa's garden

Dorothea in the shade, lining up a shot

The wall supports both fauna and flora

The gulf supports fauna, at least (its flora are out of sight)

Rocky beach and bottom; concrete basking spot above

Sunlight made the horizon hazy

Rijeka looking its best

Heading back westward (us, not the boat)

The lamps exemplified the Viennese Secession (Art Nouveau) style of the era when the lungomare was built

Steps and a ramp lead to streets and buildings above

Entrance to the Kvarner Grill, where we had lunch

From our table, we could see the part of the lungomare where we'd been walking

It was also a water view

In Darkest Europe: Dorothea documented genuine Old World plumbing in the ladies' room

We thought the lungomare ended at the restaurant, but we found a few of these lamps on the other side; as you can see, though, it stops here

This archway (photographed from across the street) was our entrance to the Old Town

Houses and shops are tightly packed in a small area

Not even motor scooters move on these narrow

Not as shiny as Epcot Center, but at least it's real

With space tight, trees are few, and not large...

...but flower pots are everywhere, and grafitti is confined to mailboxes and other out-of-the-way places

Greenery enlivens an austere street

St. George's Church is on a tiny square

This building is near the church, and may once have belonged to it

The simple style of this relief of St. George at work recalls some temple decorations weI saw in Thailand

The lower end of the church square

The Turk's Head closer up — it may or may not be as old as the 1722 arch

Outside tables at a restaurant on the square, empty in the late afteroon

People here use every opportunity to garden

Laundry as well as greenery brightens the Old Town

Sunlight, shadow, and citizens

Stairway garden

Hanging plants and fancy ironwork gates are both common

This man was watering his potted garden

Not only roof horticulture, but roof viticulture as well

Balcony horticulture

More than one way to hang a garden

Windowsill horticulture

Fresh whitewash

Another elaborate iron gate

Palm trees this big are an impressive achievement

Arches recall Lovran's antiquity

Flowerpots high, middle, and low

Daily life goes on

Green passage

Laundry as a decorative element

Two adorable models

Shy, perhaps, but not camera-shy