Ljubljana was our second stopping place, a wonderful city for a long or short visit. It’s compact and walkable, with good views and interesting buildings and bridges. Fine food, good wine, great ice cream. We knew about all that before we came, but good Dixieland too?

And a river runs through it, which the city has used superbly to create graceful and comfortable public spaces. Much of this is the work of Ljubljana’s great 20th-century architect and planner Jože Plečnik, but there are grand baroque churches as well, and fine buildings in the Viennese Secessionist (or, as we know it, Art Nouveau) style.

One thing Ljubljana doesn’t have is a large supply of quiet lodgings at reasonable prices. Having to choose between bare-bones hostels and business-oriented hotels, we took the latter, and were pleased with what we got. The weather was a bit changeable, but it never rained the way it had in Bled, and the quantity of sunshine increased daily. By the last day of our stay, it was clear that summer had arrived.

The menu below lists the four days that we spent in Ljubljana. To open an item, move the cursor onto it. (If it doesn’t open, move the cursor off and on again.)

Meeting Ljubljana

After trains and taxis, a hotel with elephants, a bridge with dragons, a view from the castle, a Dixieland band, and much, much more...

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Doing the Town

We went on an architecture hunt, and caught so much that we have to divide the photos into three galleries.

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Photos (a) (Morning to midday)

Photos (b) (Early afternoon)

Photos (c) (Late afternoon to evening)

Plečnik's City

Following the trail of the architect and planner who, more than any other, made Ljubljana what it is today.

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A Walk in the Park

An introduction to Slovenia's recent past, an easy stroll through the greenery, and (inevitably) further Plečnikana.

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