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The view from the Ugly Duckling

Zlata Ribica — we ate at one of the tables on the right that night

At the back of Fishermen's Square, a passage leads to Town Square

The tunnel-like passage is neatly cobblestoned

Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers, St. Nicholas Cathedral in the background

Nice, clean copies of the originals, which have been moved out of the weather

Down Stari Trg from the Town Hall (we can't explain the cow)

Miklavc Department Store, 1914, with some

Passage from Town Square to a courtyard with shops

This somewhat dilapidated couryard contained a head shop

The shop was worthy time-capsule material

Display case in a chocolate shop

Looking down an alley and across the Shoemakers' Bridge

Schweiger House, 1748–1749

Schwiger House door and tourist

Hushing telamon, Schweiger House

Art Nouveau storefront (or postmodern gesture)

Apartment balconies in a courtyard

The narrowness of Old Square

Upper Square, with old houses (looking from Levstik Square)

More of Levstik Square, with the Hercules fountain

Old houses (with

St. Florian's Church at the top of Upper Square

Looking down Upper Square from the St. Florian's end

Door of 16 Upper Square, which once housed Valentin Metzinger, a Baroque-era painter

Looking back into Levstik Square from the lower end of Upper Square

Sweet shop (slaščičarna) in Levstik Square

Service window at the sweet shop

Window of a baroque mansion on the quay near Levstik Square

Heading up the quay toward the Shoemakers' Bridge

Boat landing across the Ljubljanica

As I've already said, I felt happy here

Buildings on the Old Town side of the river, after we crossed over

Zvezda Park in Congress Square

Old Town and the castle across the Shoemakers' Bridge

Up Wolfova St to Prešeren Square on our way back to the hotel

At our table outside Zlata Ribica, with a wasp-waisted bottle of