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Our balcony at the Meyer Penzion

Another look from the balcony

St. Martin's Church in the wet morning light

Bled Castle behind a small cloud

How the island looked from the town

A highly portable but insufficiently capacious umbrella

Two pletne and a rowboat at Mlino

The island from Mlino

It was still misty as we left Mlino

Wall around the Vila Bled

Steps from the lake to the hotel

Terrace on the lake side of the hotel

A reminder of the former owner

Seen from the terrace, a pletna approaches the island as the rain lightens

Swan family and the Church of the Assumption with its 98 steps

Looking up the lake from the farthest point we reached

As we headed back toward Mlino, the weather brightened

The island from Mlino, on our second pass

Even in the weak sunlight, the color of the water was extraordinary

Bled castle from Mlino

There weren't many passengers yet, but the pletne were ready

Penzion Mlino — the part you can see is where we ate lunch

By the time we'd finished lunch, the pletnars' business was picking up

Not all the lake traffic needed boats

The clouds continued to threaten, but the trees cheered up

Stronger daylight gave the castle and church a friendlier look

The church was now much easier to see across the lake

Bled Castle, in a mellower mood, obligingly posed with me