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This site describes a trip we took to the island of Crete in the early autumn of 2011. I regret that it has taken so long to turn it into a website, but at one point I took on a different project that required me to lay this one aside for more than a year. (Another reason it took so long is that as usual I couldn’t resist throwing in a lot of historical background.)

The site has two parts, Journey and History, which you can see on the navigation menu bar above. So if one of these subjects interests you a lot and the other not so much, sorting them out won’t give you much trouble. Photo Galleries is not another part, just a convenient menu of all the picture pages.
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All the pictures at the top of this page were taken on Crete. (Larger versions are in the photo galleries.) The one at the right however, was taken in Athens, where we spent one night at the beginning and another at the end of our trip.

As you no doubt know, Greek is written in a different alphabet from English. (And as Greeks would point out, it’s also an older alphabet, from which the Roman one we use was derived.) Anyone traveling to Greece would be wise to learn it, even not knowing the language—if nothing else, it can help you figure out the place names on road signs. On this site, however, I've used our alphabet to transcribe Greek names and other words in a way that I hope will help make them easier (if not exactly easy) to pronounce. The system I used is described here.
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